Hi {Firstname},

{ownerName} has requested that you help set up their account in {appName} by entering the accounting software logins into their company created so that they can view their company's data.


Here's a step by step guide on how to do it:

1. Accept the email invite button and read the instructions on the next page.
2. Once done, sign in to {appName}.
3. Go to Manage User and tap New Invitation.
4. You will then see the list of company's you are invited to.
5. Tap the Accept button to proceed.
6. Once done, go to the Company menu.
7. Tap the newly accepted company.
8. Then tap Continue Setup.
9. Select your accounting provider. You have the option to select your third-party accounting provider or upload CSV.
10. Enter your credentials in the login screen. Your accounting provider may have a security code sent to your email to authenticate the integration, if applicable.

When you're done. You can notify the owner of the account to open the company created and start forecasting their cash flow!

The C-Suite Cashflow Forecaster team

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