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Managing and projecting cash flow now made easier with Csuite Cashflow Forecaster

C-Suite Cashflow Forecaster

App Features

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Multiple Cash Flow Views​

View multiple cash flows at once to compare or consolidate them in just a few clicks.

Play with scenario​

Customize transactions to create different possible cash flow scenarios.

Connects to Quickbooks Online, Xero and MYOB

Create error-free cash flow analysis and projections by importing your transactions directly from Quickbooks Online or Xero.

Make quicker and better decisions

Get a quick overview of your financial performance to help you make important decisions at a glance.

How it Works

Import Data

Easily import your transaction data from Quickbooks Online, Xero or a CSV file for your projections of operating cash flow

Manage Transactions

View, edit, and automate recurring transactions within your cash flow statement

Manage Multiple Scenarios

View, compare, and consolidate multiple scenarios in just a few clicks

Export Data

Export your scenarios in Excel and PDF format

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Csuite Cashflow Forecaster is an accounting tool that specializes in cash flow – the lifeblood of business. It offers various useful features that would help your business in terms of cash flow analysis and forecasting. Download the Csuite Cashflow Forecaster  app now and sign up to experience a 30-days free trial.


Business owners trust Csuite Cashflow Forecaster.

"Csuite Cashflow Forecaster has been an essential tool for us to manage our daily, weekly and longer term predictions."
Steven C. Lloyd
"Csuite Cashflow Forecaster is meant to do one thing really well—cash flow management. No other product on the market is as focused on putting you in control of how cash moves in and out of your business."
Harold T. Williams
Business Owner

Endless possiblity​

Csuite Cashflow Forecaster is designed to make cash flow analysis a lot easier by replacing the tedious and traditional cash flow analysis with its graphical, yet comprehensive features. 

Cash Flow Calendar

Understand your cash flow better by viewing it by day, week, or month

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team members to help you manage or collaborate with your entity

What-if Scenarios

Analyze your possible future cash flow through different scenarios

Export your forecasts

Easily export your forecasts to PDF or Excel

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Csuite Cashflow Forecaster
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Csuite Cashflow Forecaster is an accounting application that ingests real-time transaction data relevant to cash flow, to facilitate analysis, management, and projection.